Tech Stew - Issue #1

Every month or so I write an e-mail "newsletter" to all employees within our Wunderman Zurich office, no matter whether they are from HR, backoffice, consulting, creative, ad tech, interaction design, strategy, UX, system- or software engineering. Part of our culture is the Co-Creation principle, which combines the creative minds of our people into a single, interdisciplinary think tank. That's why it's second nature to us to share ideas, point others to useful tools & services and randomly talk about cool new things we stumbled over. The Tech Stew newsletter is one of the ways to share these cool, impressive, shocking, usefull and / or funny things available around the world. So I thought this might be interesting for some other folks, too, who like to think outside the box. Hope you enjoy it and find the one or another useful thing!

Can I use - Or in other words: Can my browser do that???

WebGL 2.0 Browser Compatibility Check

In web development, we often face the question: Which browser supports this? Whereby "that" can be anything: WebGL, SVG, OTF, Picture-In-Picture, TLS 1.2, Canvas, Full Screen API, Magnetometer and ohhh, so much more!!! Answering this question is the aim of the "Can I Use" page by Alexis Deveria, in a simple and descriptive way (Design by Lennart Schoors)! It becomes clear at a glance which browser - and more importantly - which browser versions support a particular feature and what percentage of global users can be reached with it. There are also many other tools and information, such as the market share of the different browser versions globally, the comparison of specific browser versions and much more ... It's definetly worth taking a look!

Social Credit Score – Black Mirror on Steroids

You would like to get a discount on your electricity bill? Your profile on the hip dating site needs a boost? How about a cheap loan for the new house that you like so much? Well, nothing easier than that! You just have to be a prime example of a good citizen and diligently maintain and cherish your social credit score through desired behavior. Simple, right?

Machine Learning Crash Course – Even get your hands dirty

Machine learning will keep the world in suspense for a long time and, sooner or later, will enter all areas of our (digital) everyday life - sometimes prominently, sometimes quietly and secretly in the background. Of course, you can just sit back and wait for the things that may come. Or: You roll up your sleeves and try to get your hands dirty yourself. To do so, Google offers just the right introduction with the Machine Learning Crash Course. And for those who want to learn more, jump over to Google's AI Education website.

Shadow – Your gaming PC in the cloud

SHADOW Game Straming Service

Has your gaming PC come in the months? Your favorite game is not running at 60Hz at 4K UHD? Again time to upgrade? Then maybe you should take a look at SHADOW first. Assuming a fast Internet connection, SHADOW Gaming promises the highest settings even on your 5-year-old computer, with no noticeable latency ... Hint: The game actually does not run on your computer, but on this one.

The Hacker News - A newsletter to smile, marvel & be scared

I personally try to avoid newsletters whenever possible. TheHackerNews is an exception... Even though after all these data breaches and attacks of the last two years many internet savy people should be aware that those will not be the exception in the future, but the rule, it is always amazing and frightening at the same time, if one is confronted with the digital shadow side. So turn off the lights, put on the candles, prepare the chips, take a cold beer in your hand and read this newsletter. Goose bumps guaranteed 😉

Thats all folks!

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