Tech Stew - Issue #4

Welcome to the somewhat longer-than-life 4th edition of the traditional TL;DR Tech Stew newsletter! In this edition you can expect scary beautiful highlights, eery scary downlights and beautiful eery nolights. Everyone can decide for her-/himself what is what. So: light off, spot on and sunglasses on!

URME SURVEILLANCE – My Face is Your Face

URME - Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic

To protect the public from surveillance, the artist Leo Selvaggio sacrifices his own identity in the form of his face. Together with ThatsMyFace, URME offers various products to be recognized as Leo Selvaggio by camera surveillance systems. These range from the simple paper mask, to a hacktivist kit, to the Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic - a pigmented 3D resin print of Leo's face for comfortable covering. No further comment...

Google Fonts Analytics - Simply swim with the current again...

Google Fonts Analytics - Roboto is king, followed by Open Sans

You don't need your own special font every time. Sometimes you just want a font that has proven its worth and is generally popular. But what are the most popular fonts? Just take a look at the numbers of Google Fonts, probably the largest open source font library: And the Winner is... Roboto - with 3,366,244,082,717 views last year and thus 1,892,456,405,587 views ahead of the second placed Open Sans (numbers change every millisecond). Congratulations very much!

OpenAI – Hide and Seek. Ready or not,..

OpenAI - Seekers and Hiders start playing

.. here I come! A simple game with simple rules and yet with a few additional elements like movable walls, ramps and dice there are incredible possibilities for daring strategies. Especially if you have played 450 million rounds as an AI agent. The short videos in the article show in an impressive way how these strategies evolve over time. PS: Suprising behaviors to Win :)

IETF - How to develop new guidelines, best practices and standards

The Internet Engineering Task Force

The Internet Engineering Task Force is the leading body for Internet standards and its website is the place to learn about current and future developments on the Internet. Countless working groups are working in different areas on the future architecture and openness of the Internet. Proposals are made, openly discussed, further developed in several iterations and tested until they are ready to become the new standard. For example the Best Current Practice (BCP) proposal "OAuth 2.0 for Browser-Based Apps".

EDDB – Die Leichtigkeit des Digitalen Business

EDDP ranking - 42 countries compared using seven key measures

42 countries compared to the attractiveness for companies to promote their digital business there: The Ease-of-Doing Digital Business Index. TL;DR: Switzerland ranks 8th, mainly due to weaknesses in the area of data accessibility, i.e. easy and reliable access to a large number of data - especially due to a lack of reforms at the regulatory level. Occasionally Gut Ding just wants to have time.

OPENDATA.SWISS – Freier Zugriff auf Freie Daten

OpenData - Platform to discover sources of open government data

What's not yet is soon to come: The OpenData.Swiss portal was launched to provide easy access to the widest possible database of Swiss authorities. This is an easy way for the Confederation, cantons, municipalities and businesses close to the Confederation to make their data available. These include health insurance premiums, population statistics, a list of all railway stations and public transport stops or current weather data. An important step not only for the EDDB, but for society as a whole.

ALGOFACE – Looking-glass upon the wall, Who is fairest of us all?

Algoface - Combining computer vision, AI and AR for a Face Revolution

The Algoface SDK allows the developer to recognize and track the natural movements of the human face live from 209 points of view. Whether it is the corner of the eye, the tip of the nose, the eyebrow arch or the forehead - the Facial Landmark Tracking shall enable customer to personalize their AR applications and workflows for human faces. I'd be surprised what it has to say about Leo's face...

GOOGLE EARTH STUDIO – My car, my pool, my house, my canion

Google Earth Studio - Online Editor with keyframe animation and effects

Google Earth is widely known. Raise your hand if you haven't yet made a virtual flight through the Grand Canyon or a short trip to the Colosseum... (for all of you who have now raised your hand: Please take it down again. Looks silly!). New is the preview version of Earth Studio, a web-based animation tool to bring spatial data to life. Click here for instructions.

SAILAWAY - Let the digital sea breeze blow around your nose...

Sailaway - simulator and world editor

Speaking of the circumnavigation of the world: If you have a penchant for adventure and sailing romance, then the SAILWAY Sailing Simulator is for you. With the code "DISCOUNT10" you get a 10% discount (I wonder if "DISCOUNT100" would also work???). If you prefer it a bit more competitive, you should have a look at the eSailing World Championchip. Many thanks to Patric Jaquet for the tip!

THE OCEAN CLEANUP - So that the oceans actually remain in their full splendour

The Ocean Cleanup target: Removing 90% of ocean plastic pollution

In the digital version the pollution of the oceans is not an issue, and if you could probably deactivate it via the settings with a tick of a box. In the real world it's a very serious and unfortunately growing problem. The Ocean Cleanup is committed to tackling this problem. With the help of technological solutions, 90% of the plastic floating in the sea shall be removed. New in the range is the Interceptor, which tackles the problem where it begins: In about 1000 rivers, through which together about 80% of the pollution of the seas with plastic takes place. Let's hope for all of us that they are as successful as possible.

Thats all folks!

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